IT Visa gives you

Equal social
rights with citizens of Uzbekistan

Purchase of real estate of any value in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Who can obtain IT Visa

IT professionals

IT specialist - a specialist who has a qualification/specialization in the field of information technology, is employed in a legal entity of a resident of the Republic of Uzbekistan in an IT specialty and confirms his income from IT activities is not less than the equivalent of 30,000 US dollars for the last 12 months at the time of application.

Founders of
IT Park resident companies

The founder of an IT Park resident is an individual who is the founder / founder of a legal entity of a Technopark resident, duly registered and included in the Unified Register of Residents.


An Investor is an individual or a representative of a foreign investment company providing financing to a Legal Entity operating in the field of information technology through an Agreement in the amount of at least the equivalent of 10 thousand US dollars.

Information about IT Visa and IT Card

IT Park’s assistance through
Relocation Program:

IT companies
  • Registration of legal entity (company)
  • Opening a bank account
  • Registration with the tax authorities
  • Search for professionals
  • Searching and renting an office

IT Professionals
  • Employment in the company

Tax breaks and incentives for IT companies

  • 0%
    Full exemption from all types of taxes
  • 0%
    Exemption from customs charges
    (for the equipment imported for own use)
  • 7,5%
    Personal income tax rate
  • 5%
    Tax on dividends
  • Virtual office
  • Dividend payments in foreign currency
  • Salary payments in foreign currency
  • Work permit for foreigners is not required

We will not leave you on your own in Uzbekistan!

Uzbekistan is

Affordable prices
Tashkent is among the world top three cheapest cities to live
Cultural diversity
Over 100 nationalities
Representatives of various religions and confessions
Wonderful climate
Warm and sunny weather 320 days a year
Rich national cuisine
Plov alone has 200 different varieties

But most importantly ,
Uzbekistan is a pool of IT talents


Software Engineer
We have the most positive impressions, everyone is very hospitable, offering help in any situation. I got the feeling that the city is clean and actively developing. The architecture is new to us, combining all these wonderful patterns and mosaics. For sure, we had a chance to taste the national cuisine, yummy! My kid really liked the children's entertainment centers.
Front-End developer
I arrived in Tashkent with my daughter, she is now 4.5 years old and this was a significant factor when choosing a location. Before the trip I thought that Tashkent would be quite deserted, but it turned out that this is a rather large city with many different buildings, both Soviet style and modern, with many more under construction. I think if I come here 10 years later, the city will be unrecognizable. I want to note that all the people that I came across were very friendly, welcoming and hospitable.
We had a transfer from Urgench to Tashkent and as we were not making it to the plane due to the flight delay, the staff at the airport literally asked the cabin crew to wait for us (3 people). I really liked the way they treated us. Nothing but warm feelings about Tashkent. The organization of support is on top. IT Park is being very helpful, everything is moving in fast and efficient pace. We got to use the services of an apartment rental agency so far. I called the agent in the morning, they picked us up, agent gave us a little tour around the apartment, we liked and rented it right away. We also tried some of the delicious national dishes as Uzbek plov and samsa for the first time.
Uzbekistan Airways is a decent airline with the prompt response, I would say. 200+ of colleagues are using their service in real time.
In Tashkent, each district has it all: kindergartens, parks and shops. Not right next to it maybe, but within walking distance.
It amazes me how local people here are so open and sociable. Today while we were shopping at the mall with my wife, she bought a pair of socks and this sales guy seriously asked her how to find out if a girl loves him or not. I’ve been outside twice today and already added 2 new contacts on my phone :)
I express my deep gratitude to the guys who are helping us with the transfer and getting settled in Tashkent. You indeed are kind and sincere people!


TIME: WORLD'S GREATEST PLACES 2022. Tilya-Kori Madrasa in the Silk Road city of Samarkand, Uzbekistan


  • IT-Visa is a multiple-entry visa issued for up to three years. Its validity period is extended for an indefinite period without the need to leave the territory of Uzbekistan.

    • access to social services like education and medical facilities on the terms provided for citizens of Uzbekistan;
    • permission to reside anywhere within Uzbekistan without the obligation to re-register;
    • simplified grant of Residence Permit.

    Important. These conditions also apply to family members of IT Visa holders.

  • To obtain the status of an IT Park resident, applicants must:

    • register as a legal entity on the territory of Uzbekistan;
    • ensure its business is (to be) engaged in activity(ies) that fall under the category of the List of activities permitted for implementation by residents of IT Park (
    • submit an economically justified business plan on the portal (
    • a foreign investor (or the head of a company acting as an investor) investing in the field of information technology in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
    • a foreign specialist whose annual income in the last 12 months in the field of information technologies is at least the equivalent of 30 thousand US dollars;
    • the founder (participant) of a legal entity - a resident of the Technopark.
  • The resident has the right:

    • to perform its business activities throughout the territory of Uzbekistan;
    • to use tax benefits when selling goods and services, as well as to receive income from royalties, joint activities and exchange differences, when carrying out activities in accordance with the List;
    • to use customs privileges;
    • to independently determine the main directions of their activities, according to the List (;
    • to use the IT Park trademark or service mark, including its affixing on letterhead, company signs, business cards, promotional materials, with the obligatory use of the «IT Park Resident» designation;
    • to change and supplement the business plan and submit it for approval to the IT Park;
    • to apply conditions and forms of convenient payment and settlements for exported services;
    • to pay dividends in foreign currency to international payment cards within the limits of proceeds from the export of goods (works, services);
    • to carry out, within the limits of proceeds from the export of goods (works, services), the payment of wages to foreign specialists in foreign currency to international payment cards;
    • to export through online stores without an export contract;
    • to attract foreign specialists without obtaining permission from authorized bodies;
    • to use the Virtual Office.
    • perform only the types of activities specified in the business plan in accordance with the List;
    • perform new activities not specified in the business plan, only after the IT Park approves a new (additional) business plan;
    • comply with the agreement on the conditions of the resident's activity, endorsed by IT-Park;
    • provide information on their activities, including copies of statistical and tax report, on a quarterly basis, no later than the 15th day following the reporting quarter;
    • conduct a mandatory audit of financial and economic activities and an audit of a special matter, sending one copy of the audit report and audit conclusion to IT Park, annually until July 1 of the year, following the reporting year;
    • transfer the fee in the amount of one percent of the total income to the deposit account of the IT Park, on a monthly basis, no later than the 20th day of the month following the reporting period;
    • Keep IT Park updated on ongoing training courses in IT (if any), and coordinate with IT Park the training program within these courses annually until January 15, following the next reporting year.


    * documents should be submitted via

    • The Virtual Office service allows residents of IT Park to have a legal (postal) address without buying or acquiring real estate for rent.
    • cannot be the basis for referring this resident to the criteria of high tax risk, and the application of tax measures, including the suspension of the VAT payer certificate due to the lack of own real estate, lease agreements or free-of-charge use of real estate;
    • cannot be a reason for suspension of transactions on accounts of legal entities due to the absence of a resident at the place of legal address (address of the Virtual Office);
    • exempts from transferring residential premises of the IT Park resident and those of the resident’s employees, to non-residential premises for their business use.
    • exempts the resident from mandatory registration of lease contract for real estate at a legal address;
    • The Virtual Office is provided by IT Park branches on a territorial basis, so the change in submission of tax reporting does not occur.
    • IT Park independently notifies the tax authorities about the conclusion of the Virtual Office agreement with residents.
    • To conclude an agreement for the “Virtual Office”, you need to submit an application through the personal сabinet of a resident on
  • Upon arrival in Uzbekistan, foreign citizens must register at their place of residence within three working days (Saturday is a working day).

    • hotels - for the period of their stay in the hotel, through the website;
    • landlords when registering a lease agreement with a foreign citizen - for the period of the lease agreement in the Department of Migration and Registration of Citizenship of the internal affairs bodies at the district of residence.

    *Upon registering, a foreign citizen gets a certificate of registration at the place of temporary residence.

  • You can independently find and settle in a hotel, apartment or private house, or do it with the help of our responsible staff.

    When settling in a private house or apartment, after temporary registration in the OMiOG and assignment of PINI, a foreign citizen applies to the Center for Public Services (Single Window) in person. You must have a passport, a PINI certificate issued by the OMiOG and a USB drive for issuing an Electronic Digital Seal (EDS) for an individual.

    An EDS is required in order to register a lease agreement in the tax system of the Republic of Uzbekistan online or in person. This process is carried out in cooperation with the landlord..

    The following documents are required:

    • Cadastral document
    • Landlord’s passport
    • Tenant’s (foreign citizen) passport
  • List of required documents:

    • Original passport;
    • Registration at the place of residence;
    • Phone number of the local mobile operator.

    While applying for a bank card applicant pays a commission for issuing a card (the amount depends on the type of bank card) and for an insurance deposit.

    • the first time, to file an application and provide documents,
    • the second time, to obtain the card.

    The process may take two to five working days. The bank employee will inform you when the card is ready.

  • First, you need to choose one of the mobile operators of Uzbekistan, check the tariffs and pick the most suitable one for you. Following that, visit the operator's office of your choice or the nearest sales point, having the original passport and residence registration.

    Mobile network operators of Uzbekistan:

  • To create a legal entity in Uzbekistan, the following is required:

    • registration of a legal entity;
    • register a business/company with the tax authorities;
    • open a bank account.

    The founders of a legal entity can be both local and foreign citizens and companies. Similarly, there are no requirements for hiring a citizen of Uzbekistan as the head of a legal entity.

    IT Park recommends registering legal entities in the form of a Limited Liability Company (LLC). However, the state has not established restrictions on the forms of a legal entity.

    Registration of a legal entity (Limited Liability Company)

    In order to register a legal entity, you need to submit the following documents to the Public Service Centers or through the (link)next document

    • Founders agreement*;
    • Charter*;
    • Protocol of the founders’ General Meeting*;
    • Reserved name of the legal entity**;
    • A document verifying payment of state duty***.

    Registration is completed within a day.


    * documents must be signed by the founder(s);

    ** reservation of the legal entity’s proposed name is done via;

    *** the fee is 54,000 UZS (around $5) when applied through the Center for Public Services, and 50,000 UZS when applied through Single Portal of Interactive State Services.

    IT Park provides a set of services for IT companies on preparation of paperwork and registration of a legal entity.

  • To register a legal entity with the tax authorities, you need to submit following documents to the regional tax agency:

    • copies of constituent documents (charter and founders agreement);
    • certificate of company registration in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (issued after registration of a legal entity);
    • personal identification number (PINI) of the company director;
    • signature map with samples of signatures and seal imprints.
    • The appeal to the tax authority is submitted by the company director with the provision of his passport and personal identification number (PINI).

    Registration is completed within 30 minutes.

    After registration, a legal entity is assigned a taxpayer identification number.

  • To open a bank account for legal entities, following documents should be provided at the bank branch:

    • personal identification number of an individual (PINI) the company director;
    • signature map with samples of signatures and seal imprints.

    A legal entity concludes an agreement with the bank to open a settlement account in national and / or foreign currency.

    The appeal to the bank is submitted by the company director with the provision of his passport and personal identification number (PINI).

  • To obtain a personal identification number, an individual (foreign citizen or person without citizenship) must apply to the department of migration and citizenship of the internal affairs bodies ( ) at the place of temporary registration (assigned upon application) or permanent residence (assigned upon receiving a Residence Permit).

    PINI becomes a single identifier proving the identity of a citizen for all state, banking, social and other services. The state bodies will through interaction on a special platform «E-Government» will exchange the necessary information based on this PINI, without requesting additional information from individuals.

    Required documents:

    • passport of a foreign citizen;
    • certificate of registration in their place of temporary residence.

    The applicant receives a certificate of assignment of PINI at the end.
    PINI is issued within one day.

  • Residence permit, a document that allows a foreign citizen to freely enter and leave Uzbekistan, use all the rights and benefits granted to citizens Uzbekistan, except for participation in elections.

    To obtain a residence permit, foreign citizens and persons without citizenship who arrived from other states should apply to the Department of Migration and Citizenship of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan at the place of temporary residence and submit the following documents:

    • 2 copies of application form;
    • passport of a foreign citizen or travel document of an individual without citizenship;
    • application of the owner (owners) of housing for the provision of living space, and copies of documents for housing or a document on the purchase of real estate in Uzbekistan;
    • copies of a marriage certificate or a child’s birth certificate;
    • receipts of the payment for the processing and paperwork;
    • photo-size 35 x 45 mm (2 copies).
  • for questions and advice IT Park assistants

  • As of 1 April 2022, foreign nationals who work in companies registered as Residents of IT Park, are not required to obtain a work permit in Uzbekistan.

    If you are not an employee of an IT Park resident, in order to obtain a work permit, you must contact the Public Services Center or submit an application through a Single Portal of Interactive Services

    For permission, you will need to provide the following list of documents:

    1. Questionnaire of a foreign national.
    2. A copy of the passport of a foreign national.
    3. Copy of entry visa.
    4. Photo size 3 x 4 cm.
    5. A draft employment contract confirming a preliminary agreement with the employer on the intention and conditions for attracting a foreign worker to the territory of Uzbekistan, indicating the amount of salary (remuneration).
    6. Letter of Commitment from a company director.
    7. A certificate issued by a medical institution of Uzbekistan confirming that the foreign national is HIV-negative.
    8. Documents confirming the specialists' qualification.
    9. Brief information about the employer.
    10. A copy of the employer's passport.

    The permit is issued for one year strictly for the number and specialization (positions) of foreign citizens specified in it. The number and specialization requested must correspond to the employer’s actual need for work force. The permit must be renewed 20 working days before its expiration.

  • The average fixed broadband Internet speed in Uzbekistan is 330 Mbps.

    Phone number: 1084

    Phone number: +998 78 120 00 00

    Phone number: +998 78 150 00 00



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